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Moorcock’s Elric Saga on Audible

Sword & Sorcery fans note a new audiobook rendition of Moorcock’s “Elric Saga” with a forward by Neil Gaiman arrives next Tuesday, February 15th, 2022:
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Review: “The Legend of El Cid”

This rendition of the Cid legend will fall well with fans of historical fiction, grimdark, and probably sword & sorcery as well. I stumbled on it while looking for opportunities to practice my Spanish listening, but Amazon provides English dubs as well, for those who prefer not to read subtitles. Moreover, the subject matter will fit fans of the Crusader Kings franchise like a well-worn glove since many characters from the series also appear in the Paradox franchise.

The plot focuses on the early years of the life of Ruy Díaz de Vivar — a.k.a. el Cid — and follows his rise to power amidst the backdrop of the war for Castile Y León, Spain in the era leading up to the Crusades. The dialogue casts a gritty tone reminiscent of Game of Thrones (less the sorcery, but all the political intrigue). The production spares no expense with balanced acting and good cinematography. Highly recommend.